Friday, October 25, 2013

Everything Comes Together

Tonight's frost warning prompted me to pick the last of the basil leaves from my 5 plants as I got out of my car.  It will be a miracle if the plants aren't dead tomorrow.  So I plucked all the nice leaves off that didn't get frost bitten last night. You can see some of them already got nipped last night. When I came inside I decided I would have a cocktail tonight while I washed dishes.  I had some pre-mixed Cosmopolitans  so I shook one up with some ice.  I had purchased some Swiss cheese and ham on the way home along with a little box of Sesame flavored Melba toasts. 
When I got home, I realized I needed to make some more mayonnaise if I wanted a ham and cheese sandwich tomorrow for lunch.  So all these little incidences came together to make a nibble to have with my cocktail and this lovely little nibble was born. 
I had melba toast, fresh basil, Swiss cheese slices, and a mostly empty jar of home made mayonnaise.  A slice of Swiss cheese folded in three, placed on top of a melba toast that has just a tad of mayo scraped from the jar on it.  The cheese is also topped with a smear of mayo to "glue" the tiny or torn basil leaves that I used to top the cheese cracker.  Sounds really simple doesn't it?  It is!  And it was really, really good for a little nibble with a cocktail.  A tray full of them at a party would make a beautiful tray and  your guests will love these as a light, fresh tasting appetizer, with whatever your are serving as an aperitif! (I had three of them!) They would be wonderful with a red or a white wine, or even a glass of ginger ale!

These days you can buy fresh basil most times of the year at the grocery store.  Try these, you'll love them!  I'm off to make more mayonnaise!

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