Monday, June 30, 2014


Tonight's post had to be more than just a FB post.  It all started with a purchase on the weekend of a small basket of peaches from a local grower.  5 big fat juicy peaches for $4.00.  Maybe a little expensive, but supporting local growers is something I like to do. And as a bonus, I get perfect produce.  I never quibble over the price, and neither should you.  Growing  perfect local produce is an art and you won't get it in the grocery store most of the time.  So now I had these great peaches. 

Had one for breakfast this morning  and decided it was one of the best peaches I ever ate!  So juicy and sweet!  This evening on the way home from work I wanted to pick up a couple of seltzer waters, but naturally, browsed the store while I was there since I was in no hurry.  I found a package of just 8 small pieces of sirloin kabob cuts - under $3.00 for the package!!.   Well ....  just this afternoon I went to Marshall's to browse for a  minute or two at lunchtime and found a bottle of "A Cup of Coffee Steak Rub".  Coincidence?  Maybe. The kabob sirloin was only 8 small cubes.   Coffee Steak Rub, you found a grill pan to jump into tonight!  I already has some baby zucchini and a couple of those peaches from the local farm stand. 

The steak got coated with the Coffee Rub.  The sliced zucchini and quartered peaches got lightly salted and peppered with fresh ground pepper and a little olive oil and skewered onto long flat skewers  (flat skewers help to keep the food from spinning on the skewers).  You really need to use a touch of olive oil to make sure foods grill/broil nicely when   exposed to the flame.  Grilled to perfection! Well, no, maybe not.  I will confess - I over cooked the beef a little, I like it PINK!! But ---- my friends --  the peaches and zucchini and  the steak were delicious! Use the broiler or the outdoor grill! Cook it the way you like it!  The more rare, the more flavor!  But no judgments here on how you like your steak!  The coffee flavor stood out prominently on the beef and  was so distinctive and savory.  If you are a coffee lover, you will appreciate the tones of the coffee that are left behind as you enjoy the steak bits.  I had considered asking a friend to stop by and dine with me on his way home, but it was already late and didn't want to impose on his time.  But I WILL make this again for us!!  So delicious and fresh!

Don't be afraid to experiment with flavors!  The coffee rub was great on the steak, as it was meant to be. It will be equally good on chicken or pork tenderloin or some nice lean chops.  The peaches and zucchini were happy to be on my plate and will be just as good with other cuts of meat.

It would have benefited from a serving of rice with some smoky flavor.  But I enjoyed it naked - without any dressing or cover-up!  Low carbs, high protein, low cal.  I didn't want for anything when I  ate it.

As most of you who read my Blog posts know, I like to just create as I go.  Please!  DO that!  There is no better way to find out what flavors go together!  Creativity is the MOST valuable tool in the kitchen!  A fail now and then, leads to WIN WIN every now and then!